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July 20, 2018 2:25 am


HumorBox Entertainment is a fun and exciting environment with opportunities for both employment and vendor/contractor relationships. As an entertainment company, liking your job is easy and we are committed to providing a great work environment no matter if our staff is on-site or working remotely from home or other locations around the globe.

We are always seeking talented and experienced individuals in many areas and currently we are looking for:

Content Managers

The ideal candidate has experience and great enthusiasm for music, humor and entertainment. A dynamic and outgoing personality to interact with our fans and review and edit high volumes of content.

A specific degree is not required for these positions, but experience in entertainment and music is a plus.


As a growing website, the need for quality, hard working and task oriented programmers are always of interest.

The ideal candidates would possess measurable and demonstrated experience in developing, maintaining and troubleshooting web based database functionality and interactive media.

At least 4 plus years of experience and an undergraduate degree in any of the following areas: MIS, Computer graphics or other IT and technology oriented curriculums.

Marketing and Advertisement

Marketing and advertisement growth areas with the potential to earn high incomes and recognition as the shift from conventional media continues to shift to the new media of the internet.

The ideal candidates possess advertisement and marketing backgrounds in new media (internet) with proven accomplishments in developing ad relationships, positioning properties, content and campaigns that yield positive results.

At least 4 plus years of experience and an undergraduate degree in marketing, business or related fields of study.

Spokesperson / Personalities

As an entertainment company specializing in music and comedy, we are always looking for new talent that have the dynamics, charisma and ability to represent the brand and our content for a multitude of interviews and other media opportunities that feature our brand, our content or our production work. Representation could vary from written correspondence to live appearances and still photographs and commercials.

Do note that we are only accepting resumes at this time for all of the above opportunities as our current response rate has been very large. We will review and give consideration to all candidates that appear to meet our requirements and timing for potential hire.

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